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A Somewhat Raging Battle (at least in me) November 14, 2009

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i am certain that in days to come i will post brief snippets of my thoughts as well as much larger doses of my ramblings. for now though, i just wanted to mention something that i certainly hope doesn’t wreck my credibility.

several people love to grab a mint after they finish a meal… i am one of those people. several people also love to eat a chocolate mint after a meal… i am not one of those people. mint and chocolate have never gone together in my mind. they don’t hold hands. they don’t kiss. they don’t sleep in the same bed. mixing mint and chocolate is like combining tooth paste or mouth wash with fun-dip or freeze pops. i have learned to associate one with cleaning my mouth and the other with the  indulgence of dirtying my mouth. in other words, one causes the very thing the other attempts to eliminate. so, for me, chocolate mints are out. mint chocolate chip ice cream is out. the two should stay separate in my mind… forever and always.

and yes, i know i’m weird… such old news.

anyway, i am quite possibly stuck in a rift of thinking that my beautiful wife and children will never share. however, i am certain that my taste buds are superior…


onions are honestly the lowest thing on the food chain (that was for my brother-in-law kirk).


3 Responses to “A Somewhat Raging Battle (at least in me)”

  1. Phil Says:

    Glad to see you are starting this block. We will be checking in from time to time to reflect on your creativeness and share what Jesus is doing gallygalore. Love mom and dad.

  2. Emily Konkler Says:

    You, sir, are a little miracle of delight.

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