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Lincoln’s Dedication. November 15, 2009

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We recently had a special time of dedication for our middle son, Lincoln, during the Sunday morning worship time at our annual BCM Retreat (that’s the name of our church community: Breckenridge Christian Ministries).  We (and by “we” I mean “Phil”) spoke about the idea of it taking a village to raise a child in the context of gardening (from the short film, “Fridays at the Farm”) — all of us raising our kids together…  watering them when they need nourishment, shading them when they need protection, weeding them when they need room to grow, etc.  Then, we had several couples that we feel close to come up and pray over us and Lincoln — that God will give us wisdom as we parent him and that Lincoln will grow up into the young man that God has designed him to be.  It was very special to all of us.

lincoln dedication 2

This is the keepsake photo we gave to everyone the morning of Lincoln's dedication.

Lincoln is truly a gift to me, to us, to our whole family.  My favorite Lincoln story of late: on October 12th, Lincoln’s 3rd birthday, at bedtime, I said, “I love you, Lincoln.”  And, instead of the usual response of ” ‘Kay!” Lincoln said, “I love you, too, Mommy” for the first time ever.  He’s been saying it ever since.  My heart melts every time.


4 Responses to “Lincoln’s Dedication.”

  1. aunt rachele Says:

    he is beautiful… i so wish we could have been there! but know that we are praying over you, even from here…

  2. papa & gamma Says:

    Great picture of Lincoln. A very special time indeed. Don’t you love making the memories. LOVE and miss all of you.

  3. Sarah Says:

    How sweet. We still haven’t dedicated Ollie either… haven’t had the community in which to do it. Happen to have any extras of the photos? Would love one. Great quote for him too. I remember how LONG you guys waited for him. Can’t wait to spend time with Lincoln and the rest of you.

  4. lizzie Says:

    oh lincoln… he’s been on my mind a lot. still am reeling that he’s already 3 (and oh so proud of it, too!). i love the “kay!” in that voice i can easily conjure up in my head. but the “i love you, too, mommy,” sounds even better…

    miss you guys.

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