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This is what I want us to be. November 25, 2009

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So, lately some of Silas’s friends in our neighborhood have been ringing our doorbell, asking if Silas can play, and then coming in and playing with Silas up in his room with Bakugans and Star Wars Legos or running around the house shooting dart guns and squealing.  Silas’s friend, Jackson, is in his 1st grade class and lives right across the street.  One of the times he came over to play, I heard him say to Silas repeatedly, “This is so awesome!”

Several years ago, Phil & I got really into the show, The O.C..  We also recently sped through all the back episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  I think one of the major reasons why we got pulled into both shows was because of the relationships between the main husband-wife couple in each show and the kids surrounding them.  In the O.C., the Cohens’ relationship and home was a safe place for their neighbor, Marissa, to come to when she was going through her parents’ divorce.  She felt comfortable showing up on their doorstep unannounced when she needed somewhere and someone to turn to.  In Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor and his wife’s home is a safe haven for multiple Dillon High School students who need a safe place to hide, someone to take care of them or someone to encourage them to dream big and chase hard after their own potential.

I want us to be that family, to have that kind of home.  I want all of my boys’ friends to feel comfortable coming over unannounced.  I want to know them and their parents and their stories: their struggles and their talents, their likes and quirks and all of their favorite things.  I want them to know us, and I want to share our lives with them…

That’s one of the reasons why I love living in a small town like Breckenridge.  We get to run into those kids and their parents and families all over town — the post office, the school, the grocery store.  That’s one HUGE reason why I love our neighborhood.  Most of the students in Silas’s class live within walking distance, and they know where we live — the blue house on Silver Green, #15.  I can imagine them all riding bikes through the streets and alleys someday, in one loud & noisy pack.  And that is also the reason why Phil and I both volunteer weekly in Silas’s classroom at Breckenridge Elementary.  We want to be visible.  We want the kids to recognize us and know us.


We want to have open hearts and an open home.


2 Responses to “This is what I want us to be.”

  1. Kirk Says:

    You gotta stop writing posts like that. It’s hard enough staying here without thinking about Ollie and Nicho not getting to ride our neighborhood in a squealing mob of bikes.
    honestly though, i liked the post.

  2. lizzie Says:

    way to join the FNL bandwagon. been waiting to see the most recent stuff.

    you ARE like that, ps. it’s beautiful.

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