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A Thanksgiving Miracle! December 3, 2009

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Stardate 12032009; Captain’s Log*:

Daily advances being made among the crew.  Captain’s morale rising at warp speed.

baby food now accompanied by bottles in the kitchen!

A Thanksgiving Miracle.  At approximately 20:00 Breckenridge time, at the home of Bruce & Katie Buller, where we and a couple other families were celebrating Thanksgiving this year, our son, Tate, decided to FINALLY give the bottle a go.  Perhaps it was because he was too tired to continue his two-week-long resistance, or because he just wanted to bring a LOT of joy to his mommy and daddy’s hearts (and a tear to the eye), but he did it!  He drank his entire bottle down to the very last yummy drop — a Thanksgiving miracle, indeed.  I know that Phil & I went to sleep that night with hearts FULL of thanks!

a peek into lincoln's dresser drawer.

In other news, Lincoln is close to being fully potty-trained.  He occasionally has an accident when he is playing with friends and  way, way too distracted to remember to stop and head for the “big boy potty.”  Other than that, he’s been diaper-free for quite some time now, and we are happy to report that we only have one child left wearing diapers.

silas' modified pj tops -- to help him break the habit at bedtime, too!

Finally, Silas has not sucked his thumb in about 2 full weeks!  Guess the vision of a promised Nintendo DSi dancing in his head has been motivation enough to kick the habit once and for all!

So proud of my little crew here on the Starship Gallagher*…

(*Just a little shout-out to my dad and all those Star Trek episodes we watched together back in the day…  Love you!)


2 Responses to “A Thanksgiving Miracle!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    hilarious!!! man, i would hate sleeping with a glove on, but that’s great that it’s working for si!!!! 2 weeks, wow! i’m sure the nintendo is helping… 🙂

  2. liz Says:

    oh annie. i knew it had to be your turn when i read, “stardate… captain’s log…” good times. i’m proud of your little men. can’t wait to see them in march..

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