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from the gallagher five.

recent festivities. December 20, 2009

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there’s been much hustling and bustling around the gallagher home lately…

here’s a sneak peek into what we’ve been up to:

hunting for the perfect Christmas tree.

my boys by the tree.

hot chocolate on the way home.

silas got to skip school for a day to go on a beginner's ski lesson on our hometown mountain. this was his first time being interested in learning to ski and he absolutely loved it! i thought this was the CUTEST picture and couldn't pass up buying it...

tate joins his brothers in their bedroom upstairs. for the most part, a smooth transition... more pictures of our very re-arranged house to come!

the completed gingerbread house. lincoln LOVED helping stick gumdrops all over the house, and silas added santa's feet sticking out of the chimney!

last but not least, silas' letter to santa that he brought home from school. i love how he thought to ask for something special for lincoln, too!

so, just a quick look into our lives in the past couple weeks.  we are looking forward to a wonderfully relaxing week at home to celebrate Christmas and a road trip to Texas to visit some dearly missed friends on Saturday!  more later…


2 Responses to “recent festivities.”

  1. liz Says:

    love it! can’t believe it’s been a couple years since i was on the christmas hunt/hot cocoa drinking trip… sad! LOVE that silas is excited to ski and that he asked for underwear for lincoln (you think he doesn’t want lincoln to wear his hand-me-downs anymore?) ! love you people.

  2. Megan Says:

    What a great pic of Silas and yes, he is so thoughtful to ask for underwear for Lincoln!

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