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not so HANDY January 13, 2010

Filed under: Phil — gallyfam @ 8:49 pm

Not too long ago we rearranged our house a bit. The big ordeal became our massive sectional couch which would not fit up the stairs… but that didn’t stop us. We removed the window, the entire window, from our house and then hoisted the couch up a ladder and through the gigantic hole in the side our house. This was all with the help of some friends that honestly know how to be “handy.” I simply lack that skill.

Late last week I went to Home Depot to get some track lighting. After an incident in which one of our lamps literally burst into flames we now lack light in our living room. I’m wise enough to know that we have recessed can lighting throughout our house so I looked for a solution that would be a simple remove, unplug and re-plug kind of thing. Got it. Brought it home. Dove in. Not happening. It is still dark in our living room because it is not that easy of course. The particular light in our house that we want to replace isn’t quite the same as the others. ARGH!

And just tonight, I successfully removed our dishwasher. We have been without one for what feels like forever (but not even 1 year yet). Posted a wanted ad not too long ago and scored one for free. It is questionable how well it work… but it was FREE! Anyway, I busted out the tools and  went to work. Shut off the power. Unscrewed from the counter. Shut off the water. Unplugged it from the drain tube. Disconnected it from the power source. And got it outside to take to the dump. Then brought in the new one… and discovered it won’t work DANG IT! The water intake connection is totally different! Why would they do that! It’s a freakin’ dishwasher like the other one. I honestly believe that some things should be universal. Don’t you?

Well, the new, free dishwasher is out on my deck right now in a time out. And tomorrow I will hopefully discover that some other guy, disenfranchised form the whole “handy” scene made some sort of kit that allows my problem to be transformed into a wonderful scenario. We shall see.


3 Responses to “not so HANDY”

  1. Grandpa Gary Says:

    The joys of being a home owner.

  2. James Says:

    classic. dishwashers can be tough, though (although I put mine in without a problem last year 🙂

    ha! wish I could come over and help…wash dishes.

  3. grandpa phil Says:

    No dishwashers in heaven. Thank You LORD.

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