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Happiness Is… January 25, 2010

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When I was growing up, we had these Charlie Brown bed sheets with a repeating pattern of four or five different little Peanuts scenes on them. Each scene had a caption next to it that said “Happiness is” followed by a statement that related to whatever it was that Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, etc. were doing in that particular scene. Although I read them a million times going to bed at night or waking up in the morning, I can’t recall a single one now.

However, as an adult, I have my own little “Happiness Is” statements that randomly come to mind as I go through my days with Phil and our boys. Here are a few that have come to mind over the past weeks and months:

{Happiness is watching my seven-year-old laugh so hard his eyes get “watery”.}

{Happiness is another successfully potty-trained boy.}

{Happiness is a baby who wakes up with a poopy diaper at 5AM, but who falls back asleep next to me (after a quick diaper change) until 7:40AM.}

{Happiness is close friends announcing their fourth pregnancy.}

{Happiness is NOT being pregnant.}

{Happiness is giving away toys and clothes and baby things and living simply.}

{Happiness is paying down the credit card bill.}

{Happiness is watching my children play with my parents.}

{Happiness is reading a good book.}

{Happiness is being known by my sons’ classmates.}

{Happiness is a furnace that works and a free dishwasher that works, too.}

{Happiness is friends (& their sweet husbands) that care about me and tell me my haircut looks good.}

{Happiness is a baby who goes down for a nap without a squeak.}

{Happiness is picking up new photos from the one-hour photo.}

{Happiness is a freshly rearranged house, 3 boys in one room, a guest room with a killer view and a new bedroom with white walls — a blank canvas!}

{Happiness is a husband returning from a three-day trip away from home.}

{Happiness is having our oldest home for a week off of school!}

{Happiness is a first birthday right around the corner.}

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head.  I’ll be adding more as they come to me.

What is Happiness to you?  Go ahead & leave a comment.  Fill in the blank:

“Happiness is…  “


8 Responses to “Happiness Is…”

  1. liz Says:

    happiness is sleeping in.

    happiness is my nephews… anything with them.

    happiness is finding my favorite blogs updated.

    happiness is a weekend with a good friend.

    (who is the fourth-over pregnant friend?? mel?)

  2. gallyfam Says:

    indeed it is mel. thought you knew? did you know tony and holly are having twins??

  3. {Happiness is NOT being pregnant.} hahahah that is the funniest.
    And my wife would agree totally.

    being a parent with two kids I would tweak the nap one to be “My two kids going to bed without a fuss, not torturing each other when we leave the room, and not deciding the bathroom is the ideal hiding spot.”

  4. Devon Says:

    so where’s the hair cut?

  5. Sarah Says:

    Happiness is the hush of two boys napping.
    Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book while the two boys are napping.
    Happiness is the sunny spot on the bed.
    Happiness is a new recipe turning out scrumptious.
    Happiness is being greeted in the airport by family after 2 years and 2 baby cousins later… (can’t wait for that one!!)
    Happiness is BACON when you live in a country with no pork…. (mouth watering…)

  6. Lyric Says:

    Happiness is fitting into pre-pre-pregnancy clothes again
    Happiness is munching on my baby’s chubby thighs
    Happiness is being able to read the blog of my childhood friend.

    You rock!

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