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presto change-o. February 14, 2010

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so, not too long ago, we re-arranged our house.  we moved tate from the downstairs bedroom/computer room upstairs into the boys’ room.  now, silas, lincoln and tate are all in the same room and doing great!  thank goodness there is plenty of room in there for three beds (bunkbed & crib) and three dressers and some toys! we moved our bedroom downstairs, and we kept the computer and desk in our room so we can watch hulu (we LOVE hulu) at night. we moved our big L-shaped couch upstairs  to our old room to make a sort of guestroom/playroom/project room.  we actually had to remove the entire window from the front of the house to put  the couch up there, but it fits perfectly and we love it!  this is where my sewing machine and supplies and my backdrop and lighting equipment for photography are stored.  the couch has a pull-out bed for guests, who used to sleep in the living room downstairs! finally, we scored some new-ish black leather furniture (a couch and two matching chairs) all for $150 for the living room.  i love the new open feel in the living room (the other couch nearly filled the entire space) and i even like the leather, since it’s so easy to clean!  i’ve made some pillows to bring back in some color to the room.  we lost quite a bit when we moved the turquoise couch upstairs.  i’m still thinking a quilt over the back of the couch is in order, but i like the way the pillows turned out! here are some photos.  we’ll be decorating our new bedroom with our birthday money in april!

removing the window upstairs.

boys in front of the hole where the window was.

hoisting the couch. thank you, skilled friends!

my pillows for the new living room.

pillows on chair. trees on one side, stripes on the other.

one last shot.

i don't have a picture of the whole couch, but here's a peek.

lincoln on the other end of the couch.

more photos to come as i have time to take them…  we’ll also be sure to post pictures of our room after we paint and decorate later this spring!


2 Responses to “presto change-o.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    love the pillows!! so cool. wish i was a sew-er like you annie… the rooms look great! can’t wait to stay in the guest room. 🙂

  2. Megan Says:

    What a project! Sweet pillows, can’t wait to see in person! Maybe you need to teach me how to sew – i have a couple projects I am wanting to do.

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