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The End of An Era. February 19, 2010

Filed under: Tate — gallyfam @ 3:23 pm

remember when monica & rachel were grieving over rachel moving out and chandler moving in?  they wept, “it’s the end of an era!”

the final, empty can.

well, i felt much the same way this afternoon when i fed tate his last bit of formula (we’ve been down to one-part formula, two-parts whole milk for a few days now).  EXCEPT, rather than grieving and weeping, we’re rejoicing at the passing of this era!  in my experience, having three young boys (7, 3 1/2 and nearly 1!), as they get older and leave infant, baby, toddler, etc. phases behind them, life just keeps getting better and better.  so, we’re raising our glasses of whole milk to the expensive cans of formula we will no longer have to buy or make sure to pack in the ol’ diaper bag.  CHEERS!  next to go: the bottle.  it’s right around the corner.


3 Responses to “The End of An Era.”

  1. Lyric Says:

    I guess, maybe, I might eventually feel that way. Right now, though, I think I might weep buckets and buckets if I knew it was time to throw out the bottles.

    • gallyfam Says:

      it’s just that we are SO ready to be done having more kids, so with each little phase we graduate from, i celebrate! i am certainly soaking up every moment of tate’s babydom, but definitely looking forward to his independence as a someday toddler… i’ll bet you’re not done having kids, lyric!

  2. Marmie Says:

    Wow… that was a short ‘affair’ with formula… So glad Prince Tate has turned the real milk corner. I love your celebrations. They are big deals 🙂 MOM/Marmie

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