tall tales

from the gallagher five.

fastest year of my life. March 10, 2010

Filed under: Tate — gallyfam @ 9:28 pm

so, our youngest son, tate, turned ONE last week.  it is amazing how quickly the year flew by…  we gave the boy a few gifts to open on the day of, and had some friends over to celebrate with us the following evening.  here are some pictures:

tugging at the ribbon...

lincoln helping out.

silas helping, too.

tate in his new birthday pjs!

not sure about the singing and the cupcake and the candle...

digging in...


the aftermath.

some things that tate enjoys:  waving bye-bye, pointing at things, playing with light switches, looking at lights, scooting around on his booty (he doesn’t crawl, but he sure gets around), sharing a room with his big brothers, picking up coins and dropping them into a piggy bank, eating (anything but veggies…), playing with magnets and balloons and anything that his big brothers are into!  oh yeah, his pacy, and more than anything, MOMMY!  (how could i forget???)



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