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our favorite sounds. March 20, 2010

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we recorded the boys laughing a couple weeks ago (thanks to the almighty iphone — phil’s, not mine.  i refuse to own one).  i can’t believe we hadn’t thought to do it before.  first is tate, then lincoln, then silas.  it is one of my most favoritest things ever.  i was hoping to be able to insert the sound clip into our blog, but alas, we must pay to add video or audio, and we’re “on a budget”…  or at least living like we are.  so, you won’t be able to hear it here, but instead, one piece of advice, record your children laughing.  not video.  audio.  it is precious.  you won’t regret taking the few minutes to do it.


One Response to “our favorite sounds.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    We need to do this!

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