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recent knitting. March 28, 2010

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i made some dishcloths for a couple different friends recently, and i’ve been waiting to post some photos until i made sure i wouldn’t ruin the surprise.  i have crocheted some dishcloths before, but never knitted any.  i started out by looking up free patterns online…  first i made several of the “basic knit dishcloth” and then, for fun, i tried a different pattern called the ball band dishcloth.  it takes longer to knit, but i just love it!  i’m making another right now, either to keep for myself and replace my dishcloth my mom made me years ago that unravels a bit more with each use, or to give to another friend.  it’s so fun to give away handmade gifts, but i might just have to keep this one for little ol’ me.  here are some photos:

"basic" pattern (you knit this one at a diagonal)

basic dishcloth #2

"ball band" dishcloth -- isn't it cute?

"ball band" up close and personal.


4 Responses to “recent knitting.”

  1. Holly Says:

    Anne, these are soooo cool!!!!
    My mom would LOVE these 🙂

  2. Lyric Says:

    Really fun. I realize, I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in almost 8 months. Sheesh.

  3. Devon Says:

    i love the brick-patterned ones. so cute. sometimes i wished i really knitted, but too many hobbies, you know?

  4. sarahjane Says:

    The ball band cloths look great with that brightly-colored yarn! Well done. I might have to order-up a few of these!

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