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Mrs. Gallagher April 1, 2010

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the only times in my life when i’m ever referred to as “mrs. gallagher” are tuesday and thursday afternoons when i have the privilege of volunteering in silas’ first grade classroom .  i go in to help with their writing time — i help them edit the stories they are writing in their draft books…  it is a big time commitment for me — i end up being in the classroom a total of about 3 hours each week — on top of working for SCY 15 hours, GOODS 5 hours or so, BCM another couple miscellaneous hours here and there and being a full-time mom.  anyway, i digress.

last week when i was helping a few students at the table at the back of the classroom, i couldn’t help overhear a conversation that silas and his friends were having at a table nearby…  (another benefit of being in the classroom!)  they were talking about what you would do if your friend tells on you and gets you in trouble.  silas was saying about another friend of his who was not at the table, “yeah, if he got me in trouble, i wouldn’t be his friend anymore.”  to which another student commented that silas would forget about it by the next day and they’d be friends again.  silas quickly protested and then si’s friend, sam, agreed and said, “yeah, cuz silas is a rememberer, he’s not a forgeter.  he doesn’t forget something like that, he remembers.”

it took a lot of restraint for me not to intercede and talk to the kids about friendship and forgiveness and how “if you’re making poor choices in the first place you deserve whatever consequences you get!”  but i chose not to overstep my bounds and instead, i let silas know exactly what i thought of that conversation once we were in the car after school let out.

we talked about what it means to forgive and how God wants us to be forgeters.  even when our feelings are hurt, he wants us to forgive and then forget it.  because that’s what he does for us. God is not a rememberer!

this story keeps coming to mind as God has been trying to teach me to forgive in my own life and in my own heart.  to let go of bitterness and hurt feelings and resentment and wounded pride.  to stop holding on with white-knuckled fists.  to forgive.  to let go.  to pour out grace upon those who hurt me, unintentionally or not.  to assume the best.  to choose to forget.

i don’t want to be a rememberer.

as far as the east is from the west…

may He help us to be forgeters like Him.


One Response to “Mrs. Gallagher”

  1. Sarah Says:

    well said. i’m right there with ya. it’s cool how teaching our kids can help us to learn too. love you annie!

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