tall tales

from the gallagher five.

a BIRTHDAY came and went… April 9, 2010

Filed under: Phil — gallyfam @ 7:25 pm

I have to admit that I don’t necessarily expect much for my birthdays. I don’t intend on waking up and having that particular day be any different from any other. Who knows why… I wasn’t deprived as a kid. I had birthday parties and great presents. Nothing ever scarred me or anything. And I’m certainly not the type who’s afraid of getting older and therefore bound and determined to not recognize the day at all. I honestly can’t say why my Bday doesn’t possess some kind of wonderful meaning for me.

Anne got me tickets to perhaps my most favorite band ever… MUSE. They were even sold out! I get to see them next October.

Family called. Friends texted. After a birthday lunch and a birthday dinner, the first day of my thirty-second year was over.

And now I’m on to my second day. And I can’t wait to put the boys to bed and just sit down next to Anne…


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