tall tales

from the gallagher five.

Silas hikes with neighbor. April 23, 2010

Filed under: Silas — gallyfam @ 10:32 am

so, our son silas finishes up first grade on june 2nd.  we are so excited for summer, but if our summer is anything like our spring break, i have a feeling we won’t see much of our si-boy.  he’ll be riding his bike and/or scooter around the neighborhood with friends, playing in other friends’ houses and on other “greens” (common lawn areas like the one outside our front door) around the neighborhood and hanging out with friends and neighbors in general.  silas asked if he could go on a hike with our neighbor j. & his parents (who also live on our “green”) one afternoon over spring break.  here is the photo they sent us of the boys on the hike.  what a scenic place we live!  silas certainly isn’t shy — he loves spending time with his friends and their families more and more.  (he even went down to the park with a different friend and his family over spring break to play “horse” at the basketball court!  fun!)

silas & friend hiking it up.


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