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this is me, lately. April 24, 2010

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dear readers, both of you.  this is what is up with me lately.

1. painted a “test” wall in our bedroom this evening.  it’s purple and i LOOOVE it!  as soon as i can paint a second coat and let it dry, i’ll hold our sweet wallpaper up to it to check the match.  then, away we go!  i’m so excited to decorate our room.  i’ll be sure to post some before and after pictures when it’s all said and done.  yippee!

2. we watched avatar last night and finished it this morning.  we saw it in the theater in 3-D, so this was our second viewing.  i have to admit, i really do LOVE this movie.  it was amazing in 3-D and i loved it just as much the second time.  not a new story line (hello, pocahontas!) but i love the creativity & design of the planet and more than anything, the inhabitants’ connection to it.

3. my favorite contestant on Project Runway was declared the winner this week!  yay for you, seth aaron!

4. bacon reminds me of my sister, sarah, and her family in morocco.  they don’t have it there, and she craves it often.  i miss her, them.  i cannot WAIT to see them when they fly into the minneapolis on june 24th at 4:05pm.

5. we are gathering things to bring to the toys & clothing “swap” our friend, tess, is organizing.  it is really fun to be able to pass on these baby things that tate has already grown out of… and to be excited for the other women in my life who are pregnant and having more kids.  i get to hold their cute little babies and they are the ones who get to wake up throughout the night to feed them!

6. phil & i love to watch the Amazing Race.  i am secretly still hoping we can compete on the show someday.  we applied to compete in the second season way back in the day…  we would rock that show.

7. if i went back to school, i’d go back for architecture.  i love houses.  i used to design floor plans with legos growing up, and i absolutely LOVED sketching out dream house floor plans with my sisters.  for some reason i always drew a grand piano in the middle of the living room.  fancy!

8. sometimes i have a hard time understanding how everyone could NOT think like me.

9. i am a ONE on the enneagram.  that means that i think there is a right way to do most things.  or at least a best way or a most efficient way. this proves for interesting problems in marriage relationships.  fortunately, my husband is full of grace.

10. tate started pointing to different facial features tonight at the dinner table.  he was mimicking us — so cute.  he thought it was really funny to put his finger up his nose when we all pointed to our noses.  i love it when they learn to do new things.  14 months is a fun age.


4 Responses to “this is me, lately.”

  1. Erin Says:

    Hi, Anne-

    I check in here regularly =) I liked reading your update!

    So, I’m a nine with a STRONG one – what ends up happening is that my laziness overcomes my pride. yikes.

    so excited for end of july.

  2. Lyric Says:

    Hah. I AM numbers 8 and 9. Thus the big fight we had last night about child discipline.

  3. Megan H Says:

    I had no idea you watched Project Runway – I love it! And loved S.A’s designs too.

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