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Only 21 days left May 3, 2010

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of school and I can hardly stand the anticipation of it all!  there is so much to do and attend and plan and pull off and build and fundraise in the next couple weeks, that i think phil and i both feel like we could explode.  but it will all work out and will soon be over!  yay!  21 days 21 days 21 days 21 days 21 days…

quick update on us:

silas is “narrator 3” for the 1st grade play this spring.  it is an adorable role and of course, i’m thrilled that he is such a big part in the play.

lincoln is growing up too fast.  he loves to sing songs like his older brother and take part in every conversation.  he is really looking forward to traveling to see the grandparents this summer and even wanted to call marmie on the phone the other day.

tate is still a butt-scooting away.  no interest in walking yet and he turns 14 months tomorrow!  but that kid is sleeping like a champ at night and i couldn’t be more thrilled with what a sweetheart he is.  he is communicating clearly without actual words and has begun to point to facial features — his and ours.

i am working on redecorating our bedroom with every spare moment i can.  just finished painting all of the walls a “wisteria” color (light purple ish) to match the wallpaper that i will be hanging on the wall behind our bed.  now, to find the right kind of wallpaper paste so i can keep on trucking.  after that it will be finding bedding and curtains to compliment the rest of the room.  i love it so far!

phil’s busy stressing out about fundraising for SCY… so that we have enough money to hire more staff this fall — a move that we’ve both been dreaming about and excited about for years now.  when it’s all said and done, phil will become the SCY executive director and will oversee the rest of the staff, inspire volunteers, guest speak at the different programs occasionally, fundraise, connect with parents and families and manage all the behind-the-scenes details of keeping an incredible non-profit youth organization running well and growing each year…

if you don’t know what i’m talking about when i say “SCY,” then check out the website, http://www.theSCY.com.

that’s it for us.  we’re stuck in winter and looking forward to summer.  spring, where did you run off to?


One Response to “Only 21 days left”

  1. lizzie Says:

    sorry you keep getting pounded by snow. can’t wait until i get to hug those little boys. they called this week, you know, for krow-k, and it made my week! i have the best nephews in the world! (and sisters, too, don’t worry..)

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