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the stresser himself… May 3, 2010

Filed under: Phil — gallyfam @ 10:16 pm

apparently that’s all i can do. i guess i ooze it because everyone who is within reach of me keeps asking, “how’s your heart and your stress level phil?” and based on my experience last year at this time, that question is an entirely appropriate question for me. but let me state for the record: my pulse and my BP is good. am i stressed? well, i am a bit fixated on the SCY fundraisers. but to be honest, i am feeling quite good. i’m somehow beginning to believe, against my nature, that everything will be alright… that life will be OK… even better than OK!

and where my head has been lately… it’s been pondering meaning. both meaning and life. life in the sense of that which causes me to come to life, and i have to admit that relationships are IT for me… relationships are life. and i feel like meaning swirls in and around those connections. so in the midst of my stressing i am more hopeful and intrigued by my desire to create a culture for my family that provides meaning and life.

this past year has been hard at times, low at times, empty at times and even beyond confusing… but do i dare say i have grown, that i have learned, that i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. all of a sudden i am excited for tomorrow and the opportunity to be intentional about living in community with the wonderful people in my life.

stress and hope. meaning and life. yep, that’s the sum of it.


One Response to “the stresser himself…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for letting us in Phil. Was thinking of you and praying a couple days ago… I can relate with the stressing and hope that I’m learning how to grow in the midst of that struggle too. We love you lots, brother!

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