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scratch that. May 29, 2010

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did I really say “never again” to phil after our first two strips of wallpaper hung?  well, nevermind.  the end result is well worth it, i think, although hanging wallpaper is not easy for us 1s (enneagram).  since i always aim for perfection, in this instance, my motto had to be it’s “good enough,” or i’d be in an insane asylum by now.  here are some photos.  one trip to IKEA in MN in a few short weeks should finish this long, drawn-out process once and for all.

getting started...

the finished wall.

up close and personal.

love it with white, thus...

the new white bedding!

insert white lamps on bedside tables and white curtains on the windows that you can't see...

view from the door.

big sigh of relief.  i’ll give you a 360 degree view once we return from MN (IKEA).  : )


5 Responses to “scratch that.”

  1. sarahjane Says:

    Woah, that’s delightful! Where did you find that wallpaper?

    • gallyfam Says:

      tangletree interiors, from the uk. it’s an osbourne and little wallpaper. i just fell in love with it, so i’m so glad it’s finally out of the box and on our wall!

  2. Devon Says:

    that’s such a great wallpaper. i can’t imagine having white bedding, though. do your boys ever go in your room? (i wash my flat-red duvet cover constantly. next time, print.)

    • gallyfam Says:

      our boys don’t go in our room as much as they used to, now that the imac is in the living room. we are thinking we’ll try to keep our room off-limits to the boys as much as possible so that it can just be our own space. we’ll see how that goes…

  3. Sarah Says:

    lovely lovely lovely!!! enjoy it!!!

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