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school’s out for the summer! June 3, 2010

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silas had his last day of first grade yesterday.  we are so excited for summertime and sprinklers and popsicles and bike rides and trips to see family back in the midwest and some good friends coming to visit in july…  bring it on!  we had a couple families over last night for a cookout to celebrate the last day of school…  so much fun!  it’s definitely a tradition we want to do every year.

a few photos (okay, 10 photos) from the morning of si’s last day:

my favorite! isn't tate getting so big???

it's hard to sit still when your favorite lady is behind the camera!


6 Responses to “school’s out for the summer!”

  1. Marmie Says:

    oh my goodness, oh my goodness…. Can’t wait to smooch those precious little Princes.

    love Marmie.

  2. Devon Says:

    Your boys are just so unbelievably handsome.

  3. lizzie Says:

    what a good fix of the nephews! i could use some of that in real person.. oh wait! it won’t be long!
    love you boys (and your mom and dad) so…

  4. ben Says:

    so i love these photos of the boys… =) just wanted to say that… missing ya’ll.

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