tall tales

from the gallagher five.

thank goodness for sisters… July 30, 2010

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so, while we were in MN, we went up to visit my youngest sister, emily, in saint paul.  phil was feeling awful, in bed with a fever all day, but we went ahead with our plans to spend the day with my sister without him.  we were able to see her apartment for the first time, go out to lunch with her and matt, her boyfriend, at cecil’s (where matt works), and then we headed to a nearby park while matt when back to the apartment to do some schoolwork.  within minutes of arriving at the park, we were in crisis mode, signaled by a blood-curdling scream from lincoln.  turns out he had his first encounter with explosive diarrhea.  right there on the playground equipment.  thank goodness emily was there.  she played with tate and distracted him from his beloved (aka ME) while i proceeded to clean up the mess in lincoln’s undies. and in his shorts. and on his legs. and in his shoes. and on the playground.  armed with a handful of wipes and a thermos (with which i transported water from a nearby water fountain).  what a mess.  the clothes ended up in the trash.  we salvaged the shoes (just couldn’t bring myself to throw away the vans).  after the mess was cleaned up, we decided that we might as well play for awhile before heading to target for new undies, shorts and shoes.  i can’t imagine the even greater disaster it could have been had i been all alone an hour and a half away from our extra clothes at my parents’ house, in an unfamiliar city, trying to manage tate and the poop sauce (thank you, mac scroggins, for coining that phrase!).  again i say, THANK GOODNESS FOR SISTERS.  enjoy the photos:

naked booty on the playground.

tate and my sister/saviour, emily.

emily laughing at me while i was having an exasperating argument about poop with silas. p.s. isn't she beautiful???


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