tall tales

from the gallagher five.

snapshots from illinois. August 25, 2010

Filed under: Lincoln — gallyfam @ 3:14 pm

we returned from our time in illinois less than a week ago, and we’ve since been plunged into a completely different world.  school is under way, preparations for the beginnings of the SCY school year have begun and even the first official soccer practice of the season takes place this afternoon.  it’s been a beautiful past few days of blue skies, hot sunshine and a cool breeze.  we do not miss our constant companion from the past several weeks, HUMIDITY, but we do miss our cousins, aunt & uncle, and papa and gamma…  here are some photos of our sweet lincoln and our niece, lyndee, who played together so well…  they are two of the cutest kids i have ever seen.



100% boy.

100% girl. look at that sparkly toe nail polish!

oh. my. goodness. could stare at this one all day.


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