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seven years running. September 13, 2010

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seems like we are big on tradition in our family.  that’s why we love going on our annual “marrieds weekend” over labor day weekend.  we recently embarked on our seventh consecutive marrieds weekend, which is a weekend away with friends from our “marrieds group”…  we meet every other week with these couples all year long and then, over labor day, take our families and stay in a house or condo or campground somewhere in colorado.  the past two years we’ve been in steamboat springs, which we all seem to adore.  this year, my sister and her family (honorary marrieds group members — they moved away from breckenridge years ago) were able to join us.  here’s the group shot of us and our dear, dear friends:

here’s the same group (more or less) with a lot fewer kids on our first “marrieds weekend:”


2 Responses to “seven years running.”

  1. Lyric Says:

    That’s SO great. What a great community you have to share. My sis-in-law’s parents moved to Steamboat a few years ago. We vacationed there like three years ago and dearly loved it.

  2. Emily Says:


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