tall tales

from the gallagher five.

inspire. September 22, 2010

Filed under: Anne — gallyfam @ 12:09 pm

these words from Katrina Kenison (Mitten Strings for God) are inspiring to me, as a mother.  what inspires you??

“We have become experts at documenting the lives of our children.  From the instant my sons made their first appearances in the delivery room, they have been the stars of our home movies and our favorite photographic subjects.  But the most precious moments of my family’s life are not the ones illuminated by birthday candles, Christmas lights, or amusement park rides, and they cannot be captured on film or tape.

The moments I hold most dear are those that arise unbidden in the course of any day — small, evanescent, scarcely worth noticing except for that fact that I am being offered, just for a second, a glimpse into another’s soul.  If my experience as a mother has taught me anything, it is to be awake for such moments, to keep life simple enough to allow them to occur, and to appreciate their fleeting beauty: a lip-smacking good-night “guppy kiss”; a spoonful of maple syrup on snow, served to me in bed with great fanfare on a stormy winter morning; a conversation with a tiny speckled salamander discovered, blinking calmly, under a rock…  These are the moments that, woven together, constitute the unique fabric of our family life.  Herein lies the deep color, the lights and shadows, of our days together.”


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