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distractions. November 19, 2010

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it’s been a long time since i’ve posted anything, and i’ll chalk my absence up to a lack of creative urges when it comes to blogging.  in real life, i’ve been distracted by re-reading most of the harry potter series in the past 10 days and trying to tackle some creative projects around the house.  i covered a small spice rack/shelf in leftover wallpaper and hung it in the kitchen.  i also started re-finishing our kitchen table and benches yesterday.  we brought all the pieces to our friends’ garage and i started sanding and sanding and sanding.  needless to say, i’m not even done with the sanding part, but i’m making progress.  i will be back to the blog when it’s all done and show you how it turned out.  i’m excited and a little overwhelmed at the time it’s going to take to actually finish.  ugh.  but it’ll be worth it when our table & benches match the rest of the kitchen and no one’s butt sticks to the bench when they sit down…

in other news, happy thanksgiving, everyone!  we plan to spend it here in town with good friends.  i’ll be sure to post some pictures, if i can pull myself away from the food and fun to take some!


One Response to “distractions.”

  1. lizzie Says:

    finally refurbishing the kitchen table! how many years back did i think we’d do it together? well, better now than never, sister. it’ll be great! see them in january…

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