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tradition. December 11, 2010

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my mom and dad, “marmie and grandpa,” were visiting this week.  unfortunately, our boys were sick with colds and small fevers this week, so although silas got to stay home from school for two days, we stayed in the house for the most the week, resting and watching movies.  we did all make the traditional trek up north to snowshoe through the woods together and cut down our christmas tree.  it was a lot of fun, as always.  the experience is priceless, the snow beautiful.  lincoln actually hiked this year on his own two feet, which was a surprise to us all!  it sure was a joy to have my parents along with us.  thanks for coming out, mom and dad!  we loved our time with you two…


One Response to “tradition.”

  1. lizzie Says:

    adorable! wish i could have been there. missing the hikes for trees. missing your beautiful family and can’t wait. just under a month!

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