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christmas robe. January 15, 2011

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so, i sewed a robe for silas for christmas.  his friend, jack, had brought his robe to a sleepover at our house sometime this past fall, and i remembered silas mentioning that he really wanted a robe of his own.  so, in the midst of trying to finish re-staining our kitchen table and benches, i also made silas a robe…  it has been a long time since i sewed something using an actual pattern (most of the books i have with “patterns” in them are not nearly so complex).  fortunately, he was really surprised and LOVES his robe.

this past friday, the students in silas’ class earned a pajamas & movie party and were also allowed to bring robes, slippers and stuffed animals.  to my own delight, silas chose to bring his special robe and told me after school that he wore it all day long (except for when he went outside for recess), and told everyone who complimented him on it that his mom had sewed it for him for christmas.  awww, what a guy.

after bath time this past week.


hood on.


2 Responses to “christmas robe.”

  1. sarahjane Says:

    Awww, so sweet! What pattern did you use?

  2. Emily Says:

    OH silas. i love him SO much. looking at his photo moves me to tears. seriously.

    my phone has broken!! i really want to call and ask him how his birthday was. i need to get your number from mom or you so i can call from matt’s phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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