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weekend update. February 3, 2011

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hi friends.  i just wanted to share what we were up to this past weekend, and what better way to do that than to share some photos!  here goes:

We’ve had a ton of snow already this year, so Phil and the boys were on the roof over the front porch shoveling it off.  Such fun to play in!

Here is the view from inside the house (seriously, those mountains NEVER get old)…  When we get over four feet of snowfall in one week, we (and by “we” i mean “phil”) think of all the shoveling and poor road conditions and apparently, Lincoln thinks, YUM! Delicious snow everywhere!

In other news, we had a fun time being creative this past weekend.  We shot & edited one movie of the boys and worked on a second (and then shot a third to use for SCY, but that’s a different story).  We made some special freezer paper stencil shirts for the boys to wear in the videos.  It was my first time to try freezer paper stencils, and it was so much fun!  Here are the boys in their shirts.  I made all the stencils (out of a Pokemon font, but you can’t really tell) and painted Tate’s and Lincoln’s and Silas wanted to paint his own shirt.  I love the way they turned out!


Finally, here’s a bunch of photos I took at Breckenridge’s Annual Snow Sculpture contest.  Teams come from all over the world to carve a big block of snow (they all start with a block the same size) and compete in this contest.  It’s pretty amazing.



















2 Responses to “weekend update.”

  1. Devon Says:

    love the shirts! also, the sculptures remind me of growing up. in plymouth (mi), there was an annual ice-sculpting contest downtown, and i remember loving to go as a child.

  2. Lyric Says:

    Ok the shoveling totally takes me back to when I was really little and we lived in northern MI and got crazy snow. So crazy that we’d have to go shovel off our horse barn lest it cave in (you know how that goes). So, Dad would shovel and we would slide off the barn roof into the snow bank. Didn’t want to try that?

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