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freezer paper stencil onesies. February 19, 2011

Filed under: Anne — gallyfam @ 4:24 pm

made these for two friends who have precious newborns…  they are so fun and easy to do!   just google “freezer paper stencils” and you’ll find a few sites with easy instructions.

(for julia) the "emu" might possibly be my favorite one!

(for lowrie) the boxing gloves were to inspire lowrie to fight the RSV that put him in the hospital for over two weeks, poor little guy!


4 Responses to “freezer paper stencil onesies.”

  1. sarahjane Says:

    I love the onesies! On the boxing gloves, did you hand-paint the black over the green?

  2. gallyfam Says:

    yes, i have mixed emotions about the boxing gloves because they just don’t look as crisp as the others, but i was really set on doing them. so yes, i did paint a couple shades of green and black on top in the hopes of making them look like something at least resembling boxing gloves… : ) did it work?

  3. Lyric Says:

    what kind of paint do you use? These are a really fun idea. I might do it as favors for Aurelia’s 3rd birthday party. Do stencils on a (camping) theme. Fun!

  4. gallyfam Says:

    lyric, i read that you can use acrylic paint, so that’s what i’ve used so far since i had some lying around the house… : ) good luck and have fun! it’s addicting!

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