tall tales

from the gallagher five.

tate is two! April 18, 2011

Filed under: Tate — gallyfam @ 7:06 am

here are a few photos of our two-year-old boy…

tate is such a sweet boy.  he still sucks on his “bop” like crazy, no matter how many times we try to restrict it to naps and bedtime.  he is talking up a storm.  repeating words and sometimes speaking in full sentences, with his sweet little voice.  he loves reading books and play-dough and swinging and swimming.  he loves his big brothers.  he loves doing things on his own, but he still loves to be held by mommy (mostly).  in california, he loved chasing birds and swinging (of course) and playing at the beach.  he called the ocean “scary guy” after his big brother got knocked down by a wave.  he brings joy to our hearts and laughter to our lives.

happy (belated) birthday, our two-year-old son.  we love you like crazy.


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