tall tales

from the gallagher five.

the great thaw. May 7, 2011

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here in breckenridge we still have several feet of snow in some places, including our yard.  but now that the weather has warmed up considerably — it’s been a beautiful, sunny & almost hot 50s and nearly 60 degrees the past few days — the snow will melt rapidly.  welcome to mud season in the high country.  what a welcome preview of summer.  it’s warm enough to be running around with the neighborhood kids (as my oldest son is currently doing) in tshirts and armed with weapons.  who knows what they are actually playing, but i know he is enjoying the childhood bliss of long, sunny days, with lots of space to explore and friends to run around with (or bike around, sneak around, scoot around, as it may be)…  we are truly blessed to live here in the mountains, and also here in our community-centered neighborhood.  what a gift!

a scene that will become more and more common as summer approaches (minus the boots & hats).


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