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last day of school. June 13, 2011

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we pulled our son, Silas, out of school early this year in order to go to Minnesota for my sister’s wedding and to visit family for a couple weeks afterwards.  so, he missed the last five days of school. fortunately, we were able to stay through his class play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (for kids), and Silas played the part of Oberon, king of the fairies.  he had a lot of lines to memorize and he did a great job.  here is a photo of our beautiful boys after school that last day (Silas still has his face paint on from the play) that we paused to take in the middle of my frantic packing for our trip.  photos from Minnesota to come soon…


2 Responses to “last day of school.”

  1. Mom Says:

    Annie, HOw did you get them to stick their tongues out and tilt their head so symmetrically.????
    Beautiful boy! I want this picture

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