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boy mom. June 17, 2011

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this is lincoln.  lincoln is my second son, the middle child.  he is precious and giggly and tender and emotional and affectionate.  i am learning more and more about my son, lincoln, all the time.  like how he is somewhat of an introvert and craves time alone a few times each day.  he loves to play with a pile of about forty dice in such moments and pretends they are all sorts of things but most often different pokemon doing battle as he moves them around the couch he is sitting on.  he has an amazing imagination and sense of wonder.

i know there are lots of books on why being a middle child can have all sorts of negative side effects.  but my lincoln just thrives as a little brother to silas (he’s currently attempting to stop sucking his thumb so that he can earn a Nintendo DSi and play games with silas) as well as a big brother to tate.  neither of my other two boys get the privilege of being both younger and older brother.  lincoln does both incredibly well, and i am so proud of him!

i love this boy so much that my heart aches.  i tell him each day, as often as i can, that i love him.  all the time.  always. no matter what.  i figure that in spite of whatever parenting skills i may or may not have, if my son knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is loved and worthy of love, i have done the most important job i have as a mom.  the other day while we were with extended family at a lake house, i stopped to check on lincoln as he accompanied his cousin into the bathroom.  on my way out i said, “i love you” to lincoln.  and he said, “i know, mom.”  and then behind closed doors i heard him say to his cousin, “my mom loves me so much!”   mission accomplished.

one of my favorite photos from our time in MN.


5 Responses to “boy mom.”

  1. Mom Says:

    I can’t wait to have more time with Lincoln. You are a sweet mommy.

  2. Erica Childs Says:

    antelope, this is so beautifully written. so simple, and so pure. i hope that someday i can be such a great mom, like you are. i am so blessed by your friendship!

  3. gallyfam Says:

    awww, thanks, [mom &] erica! i appreciate the encouragement… you & jake will have beautiful babies! : )

  4. sarahjane Says:

    What a sweet boy! He’s lucky to have such a lovely mama!

  5. lizzie Says:

    anne, you are amazing mother and your boys all know that you love them. it’s so beautiful to see! and yes, lincoln is a great younger and older brother. that kiddo makes my heart ache, too. can’t wait to see him, his sweet brothers and parents again. love you!

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