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from the gallagher five.

the BIG countdown. June 30, 2011

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each time that we travel to minnesota to visit my parents, we always stop by to visit my mom at work.  she works in human resources for a major insurance company (in our town, anyway, the “company” is everywhere you look) — in other words, cubicle-central.  my mom loves the ladies that she works with, especially her boss.  so, we always stop in for a quick visit (or “showing”) with the ladies so they can ooooh and aaaaah over marmie’s three handsome grandsons.  

this year was our last-ever visit to mom’s work.  

today she officially breaks the 6-month mark as she slowly but surely works her way towards retirement at the very end of 2011.  i am so excited for her to retire, i can’t even tell you!  mostly for selfish reasons — we’ll get to see a whole lot more of my mom and dad when they have the freedom to travel whenever they like, for however long they want to stay.  i cannot wait to see them here in our home in breckenridge for more than a week at a time.  first project my mom and i want to do together?  make a homemade quilt to display proudly on our living room couch.  next year, i am hoping phil’s dad can help us build a garage with an apartment above it.  it will be a great place for the grandparents to stay when they visit so they can have a bit of privacy right next to our small house with three very busy boys.  i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

my mom, "marmie," and tate, lincoln & silas at her desk at work.

congratulations, mom!  less than 6 months to go now… you can do it!


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