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from the gallagher five.

swim lessons. July 7, 2011

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the boys recently completed their two-week course of swim lessons for the summer.  this was our first go at swim lessons — we figured it’s about time they officially learn how to swim. it seems like everyone in our generation took swim lessons every summer… and we want our boys to be as confident [& safe] in the water as we are.

silas is in the neon yellow googles.

with his instructor.

playing after lessons were over.

 silas’ class had six kids in it — two girls and four boys.  it was a great sized group for a good amount of individual attention and instruction from his teacher.  silas made some fast friends and learned the front crawl.  he focused on kicking with straight legs, close together, his arm stroke and adding breathing at the right times.  by the end of class, he was able to swim the length of the pool in the front crawl stroke, stopping a couple times to float on his back when he got tired…  he made a lot of progress and did such a great job!

lincoln blowing bubbles.

back float.

water boy.

 lincoln’s group was larger (10-12 kids), but they split into two smaller groups each day.  lincoln is very social and affectionate (which is astounding since he was our shyest guy until the age of 2 1/2), and he was thrilled to be a part of his first activity that even slightly resembled school.  he bounced around in the water and interacted with the other kids and probably didn’t respect the personal space of his teachers as much as they’d like, but what can i say?  he was very excited to be there.  he did a great job following directions and trying everything that was asked of him.  he blew bubbles in the water, practiced kicking and stroking his arms, and floating on his back and on his belly.  most importantly, lincoln made huge strides in his comfort level going under water.  i made up a game to play with him during silas’ lessons.  i’d hold up my fingers under water, and lincoln would put on his goggles and go under and then come back up and tell me how many fingers i was holding up.  it helped him to be able to go under and stay under for a few seconds because he was focusing on something other than holding his breath.  it was huge for him.  also, we realized that he is now tall enough to touch everywhere in the kids’ pool, so that also gave him quite the confidence boost to swim and play throughout the pool. 

lincoln & tate.

tate in goggles.

tate with rings.

tate is our water boy.  he loves baths and playing in the sink at any time of day.  so he made no complaints about going to the rec center swimming pool for two weeks straight.  he insisted on wearing goggles like his big brothers…and kicked, kicked, kicked his legs like a fishie.  during silas’ lesson, he’d swim and play with lincoln in the kid pool.  he’d throw rings for lincoln to pick up off the bottom of the pool.  he’d also walk as far as he could (with me following close behind) until the water got too deep.  during lincoln’s swim lesson, tate’d sit for several minutes in the hot tub and then wrap up in a towel and enjoy a snack.  he’ll be a natural in the pool when his day comes for swim lessons!

silas and lincoln were both approved to advance to the next level of swim lessons!  we are so proud of them both… but also thankful that swim lessons are over for the summer and we no longer have swim trunks and towels to wash every day, as well as that chlorine smell on our skin…  great job, boys!


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