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from the gallagher five.

a long-awaited-for project. July 21, 2011

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phil & i have been dreaming about having phil’s dad build us a built-in bookcase and window seat upstairs in the “nook” outside the boys’ room.  this week phil’s parents are visiting and our dreams are becoming a reality!  here are some photos of the work in progress, as it’s not completed yet.  phil’s parents head home on saturday, though, so i’m assuming the project will be completed by then.  after i get some cushions & pillows for the benches and fill the shelves with our books and things, i’ll post more photos.  i’m so excited! thank you, papa!!

this is the closest photo i could find to a “before” photo (can’t believe i didn’t think to take one… ergh!):

silas is sitting at the top of the stairs. the area behind him is right outside the boys' room. there were even more toys than in this photo, a chalkboard and a small table and chairs in the "nook."

papa cutting some wood on the back porch. tate is covering his ears because it is so LOUD.

boys' room on the left. bookcase (with more shelves to be added all the way up) straight ahead. the window seat (a bench that opens up for storage) around the rest of the "nook."


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