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changes. August 10, 2011

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there have been lots of changes around our house as of late.  i’ve been meaning to post some photos for quite some time now, but we’ve been busy squeezing in as much fun as possible in the last few weeks of summer.  first off, phil’s parents helped us build a built-in bookcase and window seat bench, as i’ve mentioned before.  i’ll post photos of the progress of that project soon.  in the meantime, we also moved our youngest son, tate, up to the world of twin-sized beds.  he has moved from toddler bed to the bottom bunk, bumping our soon-to-be five-year-old up to the top bunk, and our eight-year-old to a new twin bed from IKEA (ahhhh!).  it’s been a big change, and the boys are all loving it.  

here are some “BEFORE” photos:

silas up top and lincoln on the bottom.

tate in his toddler bed next to his dresser.

 here are the “AFTER” photos:

lincoln is now up top and tate's on the bottom!


silas' new bed where tate's toddler bed & dresser used to be!

he kinda LOVES his new space...

view from the door. thank goodness our small house has decent-sized bedrooms!


One Response to “changes.”

  1. lhassler Says:

    I love this. Our house has a really large attic that we’re thinking to one day make into a room for (at least) three little girls. I love seeing the layout you went with. Gives me thoughts on the future.

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