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favorite little nook. August 13, 2011

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hi friends. there is a nook in our house that used to hold a mishmash of toys, a chalkboard easel, a little table with coloring books and workbooks for the boys, playdough, etc. right outside the boys’ room. a lot of stuff to take in right at the top of our stairs.  i’ve always wanted to put a built-in bookcase and window seat bench there instead to consolidate our books and transform a mess into a beautiful corner.  phil’s parents helped make my dream a reality when they were here in july.  it’s not quite done yet, as i’ve still got to make the cushions for the window seat, but i thought i’d share some pictures of our progress.  so, without further ado, here it is, my new favorite little nook in our house:

during building process. boys' room on left, closet for washer & dryer on the right.

building & painting completed -- same white as the trim throughout the house.

books & "bins" (for toys that needed homes) on the shelves.

more painting! added "danube blue" to the walls just inside the nook. and yes, those are hinges. the window seat opens for more storage.

as it looks now. add something colorful and artsy up on the top shelf and window seat cushions and you get the final result i'm envisioning.

last but not least, here is the beautiful IKEA fabric i purchased to make the window seat cushions. i love it! i considered painting the walls to match the pink color (our living room is brown, the kitchen is orange, our room is purple and the boys' rooms is already green!), but then i decided i'd rather the boys not avoid this nook all together... so i went with the bright blue instead. a good decision, i think! don't you?

i’ll post another photo when everything is done… it’ll be a few weeks as my friend who is going to help me with the seat cushions is in the middle of a sewing frenzy herself for the next couple weeks.  in the meantime, i wanted my mom to see how it looks!   enjoy!  if you stop by and can’t find me, this corner would be a good place to look!  : )


2 Responses to “favorite little nook.”

  1. Mom Says:

    so cool! Thank you for the pictures, Annie. MOM

  2. gallyfam Says:

    you’re welcome! can’t wait til you get to come see it (and us) in person!

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