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first soccer games of the season! August 29, 2011

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soccer season has begun and lincoln (our almost-five-year-old) is thrilled to FINALLY be playing soccer like his big brother.  both boys had their first games this weekend:

lincoln showing his first team jersey.










lincoln in action on the field:

this is what he looked like the majority of the time on the field.  ahh, four-year-olds!  at least he’s making new friends!

silas is on a team with 3rd-5th grade boys.  he is thrilled to be playing on a larger, older team and on a much, larger field this year.  their team gets to play goalie this year, and they even get a referee during games.  wow!  here are some action shots of si:

next week we’ll have to work on keeping the headband on TOP of his hair instead of under it…  haha!  so fun to watch our boys play.


3 Responses to “first soccer games of the season!”

  1. Rachele Says:

    I love the pics… they look like they are loving it!

  2. Mom Says:

    I love the pictures. Can you hear me giggling?

  3. lizzie Says:

    So happy for Mr Lincoln that he is finally playing! And those shots of Si are awesome. Miss my boys…

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