tall tales

from the gallagher five.

family first. September 29, 2011

Filed under: Lincoln,Phil,Silas,Tate — gallyfam @ 8:06 am

so, we recently spent an entire week at the beach (gulf shores, AL) with good friends who own a condo down there.  that’s a first for us.  granted, we’ve been to the beach in california a handful of times, but this was a fluffy, white, sandy beach with sparkly clear warm water that you actually want to swim in… (ok, we have been to mexico and to the bahamas, but that was when we only had silas, and he was too young to remember either of those trips.)  i can guarantee we’ll go back at some point, to alabama or florida.  it was awesome. i’ll post some of my favorite photos over the next few days.  it’s not easy to narrow down from 904 photos from the week, but i did it!

here are my faves of us (as in, my boys) having fun in the sand:


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