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there’s no place like… mom. October 17, 2011

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my mom just visited for a week.  it was such a gift to have her here with us — we are SOO looking forward to her retiring at the end of 2011 and getting to see more of her from that point on!  some of the highlights of the week were:

playing hide & seek with the boys at night

doing “arms & legs” just like mom & dad used to do for us

going for walks into town

going out for coffee, just me and my mom

bringing mom to SCY & showing her what SCY looks like nowadays

celebrating lincoln’s 5th birthday (photos to come) with breakfast in bed, free day at the denver zoo & chuck e cheese

taking mom over to my friend katie’s house so the three of us could visit

playing monopoly after bedtime with silas & lincoln

mom’s cooking!

good conversations

the boys’ last soccer games

thanks for coming, mom!  we love you!!!


3 Responses to “there’s no place like… mom.”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thanks, Anne, for your sweet words. Love you and yours, Mom

  2. Emily Says:

    awe. love this photo. and love lincoln’s cheeseball face

  3. Megan h. Says:

    There’s nothing better than a MOM. So glad you had a wonderful visit with her.

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