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happy halloweeeeeen! November 1, 2011

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well, we had a great time last night handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and keeping the hot cocoa & cider stand stocked with hot water and cups, etc.  halloween is always a chilly night here in breckenridge, so the hot drinks were a big hit in the neighborhood.  here are the boys in their costumes this year:

silas was dressed as “fox” from the video game, super smash bros brawl.  my friend, katie, made his outfit for him (minus the mask, which we ordered and the “gadget” that silas and i made together).  she did a great job, don’t you think?



lincoln wanted to go as a “guy with blue hair” — i’d say “mission accomplished” on that one…  the simple joys in life.


and tate was planning to follow suit and also have blue hair like his big brother…  until a week or two before the big day.  then, he decided to go as a black panther.  make no mistake, he is NOT a kitty cat.  he is a ferocious and terrifying (& cuddly) black panther!  GRRrrrrr!



happy halloween, everyone!  feels like thanksgiving and christmas are right around the corner, doesn’t it?!?


5 Responses to “happy halloweeeeeen!”

  1. Mom Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Good Job, Katie, Silas and Mommy. And Mr. Blue Hair… you are styling! Plus, when I saw that little BLACK PANTHER, I wanted to run and hide before he growled at me. Glad you day was a success.
    P.S> Got any pictures of Katie’s daughter??

  2. Ben Says:

    ok – lincoln’s costume idea – brilliantly awesome. loved it… have you been told lately that your boys rock? cause they do…

    much love to you all.

  3. lizzie auntie Says:

    loved this! you’re boys are all so unique and hilarious in their own ways. ps. i love silas’s butt swing to get the tail in the photo. perfect!

  4. Megan h. Says:

    Love your handsome boys! So glad I got to see these pictures, I never saw Silas on Halloween. What a great costume!

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