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my five year old lincoln. November 9, 2011

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my second son, lincoln, turned five years old last month…  it is hard to believe that he is already five.  he will be starting kindergarten next year!  here he is wearing his favorite hat. he is rarely NOT wearing this hat.  he might not wear a shirt, he most often doesn’t wear socks… he doesn’t even like to wear pants, even though it is currently less than 30 degrees outside.  he can most often be seen wearing shorts and this hat.  not much else.

it’s kinda indicative of lincoln’s personality.  he is a lover.  he is loyal, and he becomes quite attached to people, to things…  up until lincoln’s baby brother was born when he was 2 1/2 years old, he was attached to me, his mom.  and i mean fiercely attached.  if you tried to take him from me, he’d scream.  just make eye contact with him and he’d start crying…  then, tate came along and lincoln changed dramatically — in the sense that he became mr. personality.  he’d strike up conversations with other moms and adults.  he’d even announce his presence when he arrived at places where he knew people — “i’m here!”

but one thing definitely did not change.  he is still loyal, affectionate, loving.  he is my cuddliest boy and can i just admit that i LOVE that about him!?! i love his hugs and kisses (even the ones that turn into licks on my cheek — hey! i take what i can get), i love it when he climbs into my lap when we read books together.  i love our tickle times and his sweet giggly laughter.  lincoln also is very attached to things, like his favorite hat.  he has been playing with his dice (about 50 of them) for months and months now.  he asks for them everyday.  before that, it was the “whoonu” game chips — about 36 chips in 6 different colors.  before that, it was his “red things,” which were 6-8 long strips of red spandex that came with his older brother’s ninja costume.  i’m not sure what it is that he really plays with these things, but he can entertain himself for hours with them…

i love that lincoln’s personality is all his own.  he loves to tell stories.  he cries easily.  he wears his heart on his sleeve.  he loves to do flips and somersaults on the couch.  he asks for alone time.  he loves playing with friends both older and younger than him — i guess that’s the benefit of being a middle child.  and he makes friends easily, sometimes being oblivious to their personal space.  he is going to absolutely LOVE going to school next year and meeting new friends and giving hugs to his teacher.  and i am going to terribly miss having my little guy with me all day long…

to my sweet lincoln boy, who brings joy to my heart everyday, the happiest of birthdays to you.

may this year be sweet and sloooow… for i am crazily attached to you!


One Response to “my five year old lincoln.”

  1. Megan Says:

    Happy Birthday Lincoln! I think you are awesome and so glad to know you! You are a great older friend for my children…You Rock!

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