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a month of gratitude. November 10, 2011

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we’re doing something simple at our house this year as we look forward to thanksgiving…  i saw a couple versions of it on other people’s blogs, but decided to adapt it a bit for our home.  it looks like this:

just a simple tree drawn on our chalkboard in the kitchen.  tate helped me cut out a bunch of leaves for the tree.  when we think of something specific we are thankful for between now and thanksgiving, you jot it down on the back of a leaf and add it to the tree.  hopefully, on thanksgiving, we’ll read off the leaves and thank God for all the gifts he has given us…  what are the boys grateful for?  so far, lincoln and tate are thankful for candy.  silas is thankful for science and technology.


2 Responses to “a month of gratitude.”

  1. lhassler Says:

    I really love this version. Way easier than some others I’ve seen. Great idea!

  2. Megan h. Says:

    oh I love your tree. noticed it last week at your house…wait till you see ours. yours is much classier. Thankful for candy…yeah boys!

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