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favorites. January 16, 2012

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it has been quite some time since i have taken the time to sit down and add a new post to our blog.  we have been busy with advent and christmas festivities, traveling to visit my husband’s family, returning home and resuming life as normal — school, church, running (me), basketball (silas), playgroup (lincoln & tate), etc.  in the week since we’ve been home, we’ve been able to spend time with nearly all of our favorite people, which has been and always is a blessing and a gift to us and our family.

in the next week, lincoln will begin a tumbling class for the first time and silas will turn NINE years old.  i’ll be sure to post about those things after the fact.  in the meantime, here are my favorite photos from our time with family in illinois:

silas opening a christmas gift. i love my mother-in-law's face in the background!

tate making a huge bubble at the children's museum.

brothers & buddies!

lincoln squared.

it's always fun to watch the boys wrestle papa. i like the lighting on silas' face in this photo.

cousins (minus tanner & teagan, who were back in school by this point)!

lincoln & lyndee watching tanner's basketball game. they are a half-year apart and LOVED hanging out together!

papa & gamma & our boys... love!


One Response to “favorites.”

  1. Megan h. Says:

    looks like fun! i especially like the photo of lincoln and tate : )

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