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grateful. January 24, 2012

Filed under: Anne — gallyfam @ 10:31 am

these things have put me in a mood of gratefulness today (in no particular order):

~ i’m thankful for my youngest being completely potty trained.  i’m thankful he goes to the bathroom by himself, or tells us he needs to go.  he even just tried to change the empty toilet paper roll by himself (score!).  i’m thankful that we don’t need to buy any more diapers.

~ i’m thankful that my friend, kelsi, passed her final licensing test (i think that’s right) and is officially a nurse.  i’m thankful she got the job she wanted and that she begins in february.

~ i’m thankful for a husband who shuffles his day around to let me run (30 pounds gone, woo hoo!).

~ i’m thankful to have only one car in our family.  it saves us money and requires us to do more together and coordinate our schedules with each other more than we would do if we had two vehicles.

~ i’m thankful for two young boys who play well together (for the most part)!

~ i’m thankful for another seven months before my lincoln goes to kindergarten.

~ i’m thankful for our friendships with four couples in particular.

~ i’m thankful for a warm home to live in.

~ i’m thankful for projects coming to completion (or close to it).

~ i’m thankful for hummus and peppers.  YUM.

~ i’m thankful for chocolate!

~ i’m thankful for sisters and parents and family.

~ i’m thankful for upcoming weddings.

~ i’m thankful for nights when tate doesn’t come into our room at 2:30am.

~ i’m thankful for hearing God speak to me through my husband’s talk at church.

~ i’m thankful for floss.

~ i’m thankful for my friend’s son’s transplant yesterday.


i am thankful.  there is so much to be thankful for!


4 Responses to “grateful.”

  1. Mom Says:

    You make me thankful 😛

  2. Erika Says:

    You are a great mom, wife and friend! I’m thankful you live down the street and that we get to see you all often!!! (:

  3. Ann Marie Heerey Says:

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to read your “tall tales” blog. You and your family are inspiring to me and to others. Love. Aunt Fi

  4. gallyfam Says:

    thanks, mom, erika and aunt fifi! i appreciate knowing that someone is reading our blog! : )

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