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my heart turned nine. January 30, 2012

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our oldest son, silas, recently celebrated his ninth birthday.  it is hard to believe the boy is already so old.  ten (the big “double digits” — i remember turning ten!) is right around the corner, followed by his teenage years and then he’s gone. so that seems a bit overly dramatic at the moment, but it is true.  there is no slowing down time.  he is halfway to eighteen and on that day, i know i will once again wonder where the last nine years have gone.  in an attempt not to panic about how little time we have left with our si boy here at home, i’m going to focus on the beautiful son and brother and friend he is today.  i have got to focus on today before i start hyperventilating or crying thinking about all of our tomorrows that will soon be yesterdays…

silas is a one-of-a-kind boy.  he is unique, and just beginning to realize that is a good thing.  he told me the other day that he thought it meant “different” and i told him it really means “one of a kind,” which kinda means different, but in a good way.  no two of us are alike, and thank God for that.  our si boy is a beautiful boy with deep chocolate eyes that water when he really gets laughing.  he loves to laugh and to make his brothers and friends laugh, too.  we took the boys and two of silas’ best friends to denver on saturday to celebrate si’s birthday.  on the way home, it was such fun to listen to the “older” boys in the way back make si’s younger brothers squeal and giggle until they were sick to their stomachs.  silas and his two friends were also quite slap-happy in the back, and it was a beautiful moment to hear them laughing and joking and having such fun together.  i am so thankful for these two friends whom silas enjoys so much and who love him and allow him to be 100% his unique self.

  silas has a wonderful imagination and loves to play.  if we let him, he’d probably spend most of his time playing “screens” — which is how we refer to anything with a screen that he’d watch or play: tv, computer, movies, wii, xbox, dsi, ipod touch, dad or mom’s phones, ipad, etc.  it is insane the amount of screens we have lying around here.  we recently put a limit on how much time we can spend on screens each day (i’m beginning to understand why my mom referred to the tv as the “boob tube”…).  thank goodness that the screens do not suck the life out of silas’ imagination.  instead, they seem to ignite it.  whenever he is done playing video games, silas & his brothers or si & his friends pretend to be their favorite characters from the games and videos.  they embody their favorite skylanders, clone wars characters, or smash bros. guys…  it is refreshing to see and hear.

  silas is such a great big brother.  while he has the benefit of being the oldest — getting all the “new” clothes, going to school first, getting the largest allowance, etc. — lincoln and tate, his little brothers, have the benefit of watching silas test the waters.  they will never be afraid to follow in his footsteps because silas does everything so well and so effortlessly.  lincoln cannot wait to go to school because he has watched silas enjoy his time there.  and he is already counting down the days until he is nine and can have an ipod touch of his very own…  even though silas is almost four years older than lincoln (and six years older than tate), and will make a great babysitter for his brothers someday, he is not so removed that he doesn’t love to play with them.  silas is not the kid who comes home and wants to play or be by himself.  he’s not too cool for his little brothers, in fact, he gets sad when they don’t want to play together.  he treats them fairly, compromises and uses his words.  i’m so glad that both lincoln and tate have such a wonderful big brother to look up to and to want to emulate.

  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again — silas is a thinker and he has a very tender heart.  he asks good questions and feels the pain of his friends and the people around him.  he is compassionate, creative, inquisitive and thoughtful.  we love having conversations with our silas — concerning everything from science and music to movies and relationships to family and God.  he is not always outspoken, but the wheels are always turning — i would love to be inside his head sometimes when he’s deep in thought, or when he’s doing math in his head.  the boy is smart and he has an incredible memory.  he loves animals and currently would love to work with animals at a zoo when he grows up.  he has the heart and the gentleness for it.  he has loved animals from a very young age, and while dinosaurs, pokemon and other fads have come and gone, he continues to love animals…  who knows what will become of it!?!  right now, his favorite is the snow leopard, which we were able to see at the zoo on saturday.  it is always the first stop on the circuit for us gallaghers — they are amazing animals.  silas pours over his national geographic books to learn all he can about them — did you know they are the best jumpers out of all the big cats?  they can jump up to 45 feet, i believe.  you can double check with the expert.

  while i could go on and on about the boy, i won’t.  there is too much to say about this boy who IS my heart.  i love him more than my own life.  my prayer for silas this year is that he will know how very LOVED and special he truly is.  that he will be secure in the fact that we, his parents, and God love him to our very depths and so much more than he can ever imagine.  i pray that he will continue to grow into the boy and the young man that God has designed and dreamed for him to be.  that he would continue to be a caring big brother and a kind & thoughtful friend.  that he would dream big and ask bold questions.  that he would stick up for himself and he’d be unafraid to be 100% silas all of the time.

we love you, silas, and we are so grateful that God gave you to us nine years ago.  what a GIFT you truly are to all of us!



5 Responses to “my heart turned nine.”

  1. Rachele Says:

    Gorgeous… the writing, the photos, everything!

  2. lizzie Says:

    I love this post AND that boy Silas. Tears. And such joy.

  3. sarah Says:

    awww. si. sad that we aren’t near him more often…. fun to hear about him through his mother’s wise and loving eyes. love you annie, and si… and the rest of you gallys.

  4. Erin Says:

    Beautiful, Anne. And beautiful Silas 🙂 You might not know it, but I check in on your blog every week 🙂 Thanks for your special post!

  5. gallyfam Says:

    thanks for reading, everyone! it’s encouraging to know you are reading AND that you love our si boy too.

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