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crafting. February 2, 2012

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i’ve recently done some random crafts here and there, mostly in connection to christmas, that i thought i’d share…  here are some photos (you can click on the photo to see it in its original, much larger format):

  the first two photos are of three ornaments i made for our christmas tree.  some of the ladies from our community got together for an evening of hand-sewing.  the ornaments were all more intricate and more time-consuming than we expected.  i got the first two (the tree and the deer) done before christmas, but the cabin took longer.

   i just finished it a few weeks ago.  we purchased the instructions from this website (and rounded up our own supplies): http://www.rosylittlethings.com, but you can also purchase them in a kit, with all of the supplies and felt pre-cut (i think) for you.  much more expensive, but way more convenient!

   i almost made two freezer paper stencil shirts for my youngest boys.  over the past year, this has become one of my favorite quick crafts to do.  so, you trace what you want to paint onto a piece of freezer paper (wax on one side, paper on the other).  then you cut out the parts that you want to show up on the shirt.  for tate’s nickname, i cut out all the letters, but i had to keep the middle parts of the “a” and the “e.”  after you finish cutting your design out, you iron the freezer paper onto the tshirt.  for tate’s shirt, i ironed the name on, and then individually placed the inside of the “a” and “e” and ironed those down as well.  lincoln’s shirt was a bit more complicated, as you can see.  so this first photo are the two shirts with the freezer paper ironed on, and the paint already applied.  i use normal acrylic paint and a regular old paintbrush.  the only tip there is to brush the paint from the paper to the shirt, and not the other way around, so that you’re not brushing paint under the paper and messing up the design.

   here is tate’s shirt after the paint had dried and i removed the freezer paper.  i had made all of the boys a shirt with their name on it about 8 months before christmas, and the younger two especially would wears theirs every day (when allowed, and when wearing any shirt at all).  i thought it would be fun to have another homemade shirt to alternate between.  so this is “taters'” shirt, as we fondly call him.  he does indeed, like to wear it as much as the first.  laundry tip to lengthen the life of the shirt — wash normally, just inside out.  so far, they have all held up really well, even the ones made nearly a year ago now!

   this is the shirt i made for lincoln, again, after the paint had dried and i removed the freezer paper.  on the left is a cat that lincoln himself had drawn.  i used his drawing for his shirt because it is so gosh darn cute.  i traced it onto the freezer paper, widening the lines as i went.  then i cut it out, keeping the insides of the ears and the face with the eyes and mouth cut out of it.  like i said, this one was a bit more complicated.  but it turned out really well.  i just love how the freezer paper stencils give you such crisp, clear edges.  and i love the colors, too.

    here are the boys & their shirts.  so cute!  i love the way they both turned out, especially the idea of using lincoln’s artwork for his shirt.  they were two of my favorite gifts of christmas!

so, i am currently working on our family photo ornaments.  we have a tradition of taking a family photo each year around christmas time — usually when we are on our christmas tree hunt — and then i make an ornament out of it.  well, last year while all of the ornaments were in storage in the crawlspace, some candy canes that got put in the same box seemed to have melted onto most of the photo ornaments.  i’ve done the leg work now of re-locating and re-making prints of all of the photos (plus a spare for each year, just in case).  now it’s on to the real work of making the ornaments, which is simple, but time-consuming, especially with like 8 to do at once.  i just cut our bodies out of the photo and then cut a piece of regular ol’ cardboard (in the same shape as the cut-out) to glue behind it, to make it nice and stiff and durable, sticking a piece of yarn or rick-rack in between the photo and the cardboard to hang it on the tree.  add the year to the photo in some cute and creative (hopefully!) way, and all done!  i will post a photo or two when they are done.  i love to see the way our family has grown and changed over the years.

finally, tate helped me make some special onesies for a good friend of mine (you know who you are!!!) who is waiting for her second little baby boy to make his debut later on this month, we hope.  i will have to wait to post about them until after he is born, so as not to ruin the surprise…

happy crafting, everyone!


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