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onesies for baby luke. February 21, 2012

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several weeks ago, my youngest and i made these cute onesies for a long-awaited little boy.

luke josiah was born to our good friends, erika & aaron, on saturday night.  they have a similar story to ours, in that we both waited for a good while to try to get pregnant again after our first sons were born… and then it took quite a long time to get & stay pregnant.  after erika told me that she was finally pregnant this past summer, i’ve been praying for this sweet little one in her womb — that he would be healthy & strong, and that he would come join our world at the right time; that God would keep and protect erika & baby both.  i’m so grateful for answers to prayer — it was precious to finally meet & hold him on sunday afternoon.


so, our first two sons and their younger brothers are nearly the same number of years apart — 3 3/4 years.  it can feel like you’ve forgotten how to do the newborn baby thing by the time that second little one is born… but fortunately, it all works out.  you slide back into that life-with-an-infant groove rather smoothly after all, and you’re just so taken with this new small little person that you had waited for and prayed for for so long…

we’ve found that our silas and lincoln boys play well together, they are now 9 and 5.  the younger is not too much younger that he doesn’t eventually learn to keep up with the older.  and, the older boy is just enough older that he will be able to babysit for us and is really excited about the idea of watching his brothers.  it works for us, for those couple reasons and many more, and we are so excited and thrilled to be able to watch their jude and luke boys grow and change and become the best of friends over the years to come.

congratulations, erika & aaron & jude.  we (all FIVE of us) are so happy to know and love your little boy.

getting ready to start.

freezer paper heart ironed on to each onesie.

putting a tate handprint over the heart on each shirt.

the finished shirts.

drying... pulled the hearts off the next morning.

the finished product. we ended up not giving the two on the right hand side (the paint was too thick on one and not thick enough on the other). tate was very proud of his handiwork!


5 Responses to “onesies for baby luke.”

  1. Erika Says:

    Oh Anne, that was so precious to me. What a beautiful blog post…….we are so thankful for you guys. And I cannot tell you how fun it was to see how THRILLED your boys were to see Luke in the hospital. Thank you Tate for onsies. We love you all!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Anne- love those onesies and all your freezer paper shirts. I want to learn and do some. Your so creative.

  3. gallyfam Says:

    erika — that was DEFINITELY a moment i will never forget — watching our boys so excited to hold baby luke. precious! we love you guys!

    thanks, andrea. : ) i appreciate it!

  4. sarah Says:

    so sweet, and such a great idea, my crafty sister. and tate is so BIG and adorable… can’t wait to get our boys together in 4 months! and congratulations to the kaltenbachs!!

  5. Megan h. Says:

    Anne, what a big heart you have…and what a beautiful friend you are to those around you. Love the onesies and that you were able to share this with tate.

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