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the big THREE. March 8, 2012

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my son, tate, turned three this past sunday.  it is hard to believe that our youngest child is already three.  already potty-trained.  and just let go of all of his pacifiers (which he affectionately calls “boppies”), but we’ll get to that later…

tate wanted a “dragon birthday” and here he is with what seemed to be his favorite dragon of the day:

as tradition goes, we gave tate breakfast-in-bed — chocolate chip pancakes and strawberries.  i’m realizing that our boys probably won’t actually EAT much of their birthday breakfasts until they are a bit older.  even our nine-year-old didn’t eat much of his birthday breakfast with the distraction of presents to open…  tate was a bit spoiled this year.  he had lots of presents to open and now has lots of fun, new toys to play with.  i guess there must be some truth to the whole “spoiled baby of the family” thing…

here is tate at his birthday party, wearing his favorite outfit of late: just shorts. nothing else.  i guess he hasn’t noticed that we live in breckenridge, colorado, where there is snow on the ground eight months of the year… (notice the dragon is still with him)  truthfully, he is only into wearing shorts so much because his big brother started this shorts fad several months ago (lincoln is the other blondie in the photo — wearing… that’s right!  just a pair of shorts!).  he sure loves doing anything lincoln does!

we had a lovely time celebrating tate with some family friends.  we invited just a few families who have children that tate really enjoys playing with.  we were in our home, which is quite small, so we tried to keep it low-key.  the kids just played and we had pizza for dinner.  tate seemed to enjoy his time playing & eating with his friends.

blowing out his candles!

the night of tate’s birthday was his last night with his “boppies” (pacifiers) — we had been talking with tate for a few weeks leading up to his birthday about giving his boppies to the “boppy fairy” who would in turn give his boppies to new babies that need them and leave him a small gift in return.  he has been pretty excited to be such a big boy that would no longer need his boppies.  thanks to my friend, danielle, from high school who gave us the idea…  i wasn’t quite sure how we were going to go about letting them go, but i felt like his third birthday would be a good time & age to do it…  here he is taking one last photo with his beloved boppy:

then, we put all five boppies that we had left laying around the house (he normally fell asleep with two — one in the mouth and another in hand as a back-up in case he lost the first one!) into an envelope we decorated for the boppy fairy, and sealed it shut.

he took his first nap that day without his boppy and that night, we set the envelope out on the table next to his bed for the boppy fairy.  the next morning, it was gone and there was a gift in its place…

tate has survived three days so far without his boppies.  he talks about them less and less.  after each nap, we have celebrated that he did it and that he is such a big boy!  i am so proud of him…  i think he will become a better sleeper rather quickly as he learns to roll over and go back to sleep on his own, without the help of boppy or mommy.  i think tate is proud of himself, too.  he has been in a particularly good mood over the past few days.  what a big boy!

i’m so blessed to have such beautiful boys.  tate is silly and sweet.  he loves to give tight hugs and sit on our laps.  he loves to play with his brothers and chase after them.  he can just about keep up with them both now, and it is so lovely to watch them play and interact together.  tate has a hilarious voice he uses when he is pretending to be someone or something else.  the boy is a talker.  he talks and talks and tells stories.  he chimes right in with the rest of us.  he likes to pray at the dinner table.  he loves books and reading stories together.  he loves animals, just like his brothers…  elephants, dinosaurs and especially, DRAGONS.  the boy can throw quite the fit when he gets extremely frustrated… but thank goodness he pulls it together quickly after a few moments to gather himself (read “time out!”)…  he is learning and growing so quickly.  he LOVES babies!  i think he is thrilled to discover there are kids younger than him and HE gets to be the big kid.

i am so excited to watch him grow into the boy that God designed and dreams for him to be.

our tate is such a wonderful gift to both of us and to our family.

we love you, tate!  happy third birthday, big boy!


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  1. Erika Says:

    Such an awesome kid that Tate! Happy 3rd birthday!!

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